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Melissani cave

Melissami Cave and LakeMelissani caves in Kefalonia are located about 20 km from Argostoli and 2 km from Sami, in the east coast of Kefalonia. The caves are surrounded by forests, while a mountain slope is located to the west of them. In mythology, Melissani was the cave of the Nymphs. Melissani cave is the most spectacular lake on the island. The cave is 100 meters long and the lake takes about one third of its length. It was first discovered in 1951 and was opened for the public in 1963. However, locals were aware of its presence much earlier. The water is a mixture of sea water and sweet water.

Drogorati Cave

Drogorati CaveDrogorati cave stands a few kilometres outside the town of Sami. It is 45 metres in width, 21 metres in depth, and 9 metres in length. It consists of two parts. The upper part has collapsed and only huge stalactites of different colours remain. The second part is the cave proper (65 x 45 m), which is accessible to tourists and houses cultural events. It has extraordinary acoustics, thus its name: "Hall of Apotheosis". The officials are seated on the "Royal Balcony", which offers a spectacular view from the top of the cave. The musicians are seated on the opposite side at an especially tailored podium along the cavity of a rock. The cave can accommodate about 500 viewers. The regulated lighting in combination with the multi-coloured stalactites creates a picture of unique beauty.


KaravomilosThe area of Karavomilos is situated northwest of Sami. After an investigation conducted by Yannis Petrohilos and, in 1963, from the Austrian scientists Zolt and Maurin, it was discovered that the waters, which one loses track of in Katavothres, flow into the village of Karavomilos by underground rivers every 15 days. Thus, a small salt-water lake has been created here. This unique phenomenon attracts many tourists to the area.


Katavothres KefaloniaKatavothres, situated 3 km outside Argostoli in the area of Fanari, constitute a peculiar geological phenomenon. At first it was observed that the water from the sea went into the ground through holes and then it disappeared. After a thorough investigation, initially performed by Ioannis Petrohilos and in 1963 by the Austrian scientists Zolt and Maurin, it was discovered that the water, through underground rivers, flooded in the village of Karavomilos, in the east, 15 km away and in the spring Fridi at Agia Eyfimia, after approximately 15 days. In this area, in the early 20th century, there was a hydroelectric factory and ice factory, for the exploitation of the underground water.

Saint George Castle

St. George Castel Kefalonia

Kastro, meaning the polygonal castle of Agios Georgios is spread over a 1050ft hill with a grand view of the surrounding plains and mountains. Founded by the Byzantine emperors the citadel was completely rebuilt by the Venetians and Greeks under Nikolaos Tsimaras after the fierce siege of 1500 dislodged the Turks. The island capital until 1757, Ag. Georgios once had a population of 14.000.St. George Castel Kefalonia Storerooms, prisons, Venetian coats-of-arms, a ruined Catholic Church and a bridge built by the French during the brief occupation. Visiting it is definitely a "must" if you want to get in touch with the historic part of the location.

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about us

Melissani Hotel is a traditional hotel positioned in the center of Cephalonia and offers 14 rooms with Sea View and  studios .

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We are positioned in the beautiful and peaceful town of Sami, in Cephalonia. Click on the map for more information.